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Established by Bob & Margaret Blackburn in 1971
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Welcome to Lanburn Connemaras
Showing 2020

Glencarrig Dolly had an amazing Virtual show season.
The finest win of the year was the Irish Shows Assoc Virtual Show where she was 1st in the Brood Mare Class and Reserve Champion Pony.
In the BCPS series she won Round 2, the biggest class of the series with 28 entries, under Julia Woods. She was 2nd in her first ever Mixed M&M Class of 36 entries in the NPS Virtual Show.


(Cloonisle Cashel x Glencarrig Aedin)
The Queen of the In-Hand ring was the late Glencarrig Eleanor. The late Margaret Furness said to me, Ellie having won the M&M Supreme at Surrey County Show under Ann Berryman-Horne for the Supreme title, 'She walked everything else out of the ring'.  Ellie was special. She won a multitude of championships incl 5 x Non Breeding Champion and Reserve Supreme Ch BCPS, M&M Supreme Champion Surrey County 2004, M&M Champion Hants County 2008. She was simply, legendary.  Video at bottom of Our Ponies page.

(Callowfeenish Mairtin x Village Colleen)
My pride and joy is the amazing Mossie who joined us aged 12. Proving to love dressage he learnt everything I could teach him in 6 months, he won the NPS Novice Dressage Championship in 2012. Our trainer is John Lassetter (Cadre Noir).  Mossie has given me the best rides of my life.
Updated: 1st October 2021
Dun An Oir Rosalind
Pronouced - Doon On Ore : Meaning - 'Fort of Gold'
(s. Callowfeenish Mairtin d. Dangan Cailin)
Rosie arrived with us safely, on the 31st August having bought this beautiful girl back in November 2020. Very easy to deal with, just an all round good egg. One couldn't wish for a more laid back traditional 'Old type' Connemara.

Canal Village Poacher
(s. Callowfeenish Mairtin x d. Village Colleen)
Mossie had a very bad attack of Laminitis this year and we only just saved him. We were a 'sniff' away from having to put him to sleep.
Our vet, Dr Pauline Williams, mobile Xray Sussex Equine and Farrier, Bobby Craig worked support alongside me whilst I nursed him 24/7 through the illness. Finally, we managed to get Steward clogs on him and he turned a corner. Mossie is 26yrs old and has Cushings PPID, EMS and melanomas. He loves his stable and is a very calm, patient and intelligent 14.1hh Connemara. Any less of a pony would not have coped. Even my vet, Pauline, said he was 'Tough'. He is a very strong willed and determined pony who loves life, his food and me. Mossie never gave up and that's why I kept fighting with him.

The things we used to get him through this (all under strict veterinary and farrier supervision) were:-
Medications: Metformin, prascend, bute, Inflacam.
Food: Cavalor Fibre Force (3% sugar and 5% starch)
Supplements: Omega SarcXpel, magnesium, TopSpec Anti-Lam.
Hay: soaked for minimum 6 hours - 2.5kg (including the weight of the haynet) and 4kg at night.
Extras: Cavalor Laminaid and Podosens - Cavalor Direct.

Mossie had to lose weight - 87kg. He has rotation of the coffin bone in both fore feet. It has not been a cheap venture either, costing approximately £1000 a month for treatment. At no point can you ever say he is out of the woods. But I am now pleased to say is now well on the road to recovery. Starting some rehab exercise twice daily.
I would advise people to consider, very seriously, the amount of time, dedication, your knowledge and ability, resources and most importantly your pony's temperament, before walking the same route that I have taken.   It is EXTREMELY stressful for all and will test everyone's abilities to the extreme.  Essential to have top class 'patient' remedial farrier and an excellent very experienced vet that will give you an honest opinion without you being 'told off' or judged and who knows your capabilities and trusts your ability to care for this scenario.

Celebrating 50 Years of Lanburn Stud
This year is the 50th Anniversary of Lanburn Connemaras. The Press Release is available HERE. Many thanks to the wonderful Kate Wobschall for being our PR person.

Breeding for the Future 2022

Glencarrig Dolly (s. Glencarrig Knight d. Templebready Penny) has been scanned in foal to 'Blackthorn'
Lanburn Lismore (s. Lanburn Leemoy d. Milford Gipsy Moth) is currently away at Stud.
Dun an Oir Rosalind (s. Callowfeenish Mairtin d. Dangan Cailin). In Nov '20, the Stud purchased the amazing broodmare, Rosie.

Lanburn Lionheart
(s.Spinway Blackthorn d. Glencarrig Dolly)
We are delighted to announce the arrival of
Lanburn Lionheart
(Spinway Blackthorn x Glencarrig Dolly)
at 0135 on 13th June 2021.
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