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Lanburn Connemaras

Ponies Past & Present


Cloonisle Cashel x Glencarrig Aedin 1995-2013






Ellie was bought from the Curran family in Connemara and she came across from Ireland in early 2000 having won just about everything there is to win in Ireland including Clifden beating the since then Supreme Champion of Clifden Show Bunowen Beauty as a 3 year old.

Ellie suddenly took ill and had to be put down in 2013.  A sad end to this amazing prima donna of the ring.  She was a joy to show in hand.  I remember a prolific judge saying to me in the ring at Surrey County “she walked everything else out of the ring”.

Ocean Gypsy joined us
Lanburn Leonie was born

Milford Gipsy Moth joined us

Lanburn Leemoy born

Foundation Mare Nettina - Jim Lee

Ashfield Alex joined us






Lanburn Stud Timeline


Callowfeenish Mairtin x Village Colleen 1995-

The fabulous, amazing Poacher!  Our most recent visit to the NPS Dressage Champs at Addington was in 2012, having qualifed at East Soley second time out for both Prelim and Novice. We worked very hard with John Lassetter and won the Novice Championship Connemara Section, came 7th in the Championship Kur and 2nd in the Novice Team.



Poach has been the most amazing pony to ride, every time I get off him I thank him for letting me have the privilege of riding him. I must just mention that his breeder Padraig Hynes bought an Elevator Bridle for Poacher especially to compete in the Dressage Finals (seen top left).  He hates any other bridle now!!


Glencarrig Knight x Templebready Penny

Following Ellie’s tragic loss in 2013, which affected Dad quite badly, Dad felt he wanted to replace Els as she had never had a foal.  We went to the Curran’s and saw this lovely yearling (below with Patrick Curran).

She came over in December 2013 and her first outing with us was at SEA Connemaras where she won her class, was Youngstock Champion and went Reserve Supreme as a 2yr old (below photo courtesy of Tearna Goldeston).  She was also 2nd at South of England in a very strong class.  

As a 3yr old I have only taken her out once this year due Dad’s unexpected death.  Dolly won her class and went Youngstock Champion again winning the Trophy SEA BCPS had provided in Memory of Dad, but due to a windy day ‘blip’ in her performance failed to get a rosette in the Championship.

Dolls has made up into a beautiful but cheeky young mare (photo at the top most recent)

Sam Roberts kindly broke her in for me in 2016.  Due to our interminable planning problems Dolls has been maturing quietly in her field.


Lanburn Lacewing born

Goroman Grainne joined us


Lanburn Lieutenant born


Grainne qualified for Olympia


Lanburn Lismore born


Glencarrig Eleanor joined us


Canal Village Poacher joined us


Glencarrig Eleanor died.

Glencarrig Dolly joined us


Bob Blackburn died (Aug)

Ashfield Alex died (Oct)


Lanburn Leemoy x Milford Gipsy Moth

'Miffy' is a lovely pony, standing 13.2hh. She is full sister to Lanburn Lacewing and Lanburn Lieutenant. She hasn't been shown but has been on loan to Tyan Stud as a brood mare having a colt foal that has gone on to be a superb jumper and also a colt by Atlantic Ace. Her temperament is superb and is very much the pet of the stud.

Glencarrig Eleanor - BCPS Reserve Supreme 2004

Canal Village Poacher - Novice Dressage Champion 2012


Clonkeehan Auratum x Lambay Starry Eyes 1977-2014

I bought Alex in 1989 after having been to see him at Graham Tulloch’s during our August holiday.  A friend and I went back in November, I remember lunging him out on a hillside in the pouring rain, he was a very honest boy bearing in mind the circumstances.  He arrived just before Christmas and was quite poorly with colic, probably after a bad crossing.

Alex always proved to have a sweet and honest temperament.  He lived a happy and long life with us before becoming ill shortly after Dad died in October 2014 and was sadly put to sleep at the grand age of 37.

Alex leaves a great many children that have done well as breeding ponies and performance stock.


Kilmore Diamond x Trabane Comet 2005-2017

Dad and I were looking for a new Gelding in Ireland when we called in at the Mart and I spotted this lovely 3yr old.  We had no idea who it belonged to so we went to find Padraic Heanue, we were just driving round the front of the building when Padraic drove in.  We asked him about the pony and he was just giving us the owners details when a car drove in and Padraic said to us, well here are the owners now and we were introduced to Dierdre and Francis O’Reilly.

We had a mare that wasn’t suited for riding that we were hoping to swap.  The O’Reilly’s, having asked around about these people wanting to swap a pony, obviously concerned.  Glad to say all reports came back that we were good honourable people and them only having seen a photograph of the mare dutifully shook hands on the deal.

We wanted to take him away from the Mart, so he was delivered to his temporary home, Malachy Gorham’s at Streamstown.

The rain poured down all week, very cold too (pictured above), after I’d gone home Dad spent another few days befriending him over the gate on the side of the road with bags of apples whilst carriage was arranged. Before Dad got home from his fishing, Tigger had arrived and the mare was on her way to the O’Reilly’s.

Sadly, Tigs was dogged by chronic laminitis and having suffered all through summer 2017 on and off, it was time to let him go.


Lanburn Leemoy x Milford Gipsy Moth


Lofty is a lovely boy and has a super temperament.  Unfortunately he has only been used once to Glencarrig Eleanor but sadly never produced any offspring. He is now retired from ridden work as he has a level 4 heart murmur.

Lofty was shown quite a lot under saddle and came 4th in the Picton final at NPS Champs qualifying in style under Michael Sharpley.  Gemma James-Purser who worked for us at the time did quite a lot of jumping on him, flat ridden and in hand showing (above).

Lofty most recently (2006) went Silver Medal Ridden Champion at Caranjoy under Georgie Sabin.

Lofty loved to jump and the best photo of him jumping is on the home page.


Danish Warmblood

My beautiful Sam was bought as a 4yr old from Grethe Ricketts as a dressage horse for me.  Sadly, he has never had the time put into him with other Connemara activities going on.  Sam has lived a blissful life and now continues it in retirement.


Lanburn Leemoy x Milford Gipsy Moth

Lacey was a prodigious winner under saddle.  She wasn’t easy to break in until we realised she had wolf teeth, then after they were removed she was plain sailing.  Lacey went on to win a lot of prizes for Kate Wobschall in Northants before being sold back down to the south coast.  I am still in contact with Kate and I also heard from Lacey's current owner a couple of years ago that although she has Cushings, she was doing well.


Loobeen Larry x Gipsy Moth

Mum fell in love with Ocean Gipsy when she saw her in Ireland.  Joe Gorham bought her and a couple of years later after having won the 4yr old mare class at Clifden in 1983, let mum buy her.

Gipsy was another prestigious winner In Hand, winning South of England Championship, NPS Champs, Surrey County but to name a few.

Tragically, she contracted bad COPD and had to be put to sleep before her due time. She left a couple of foals, Lanburn Leading Light and Lanburn Lorna, both by Leemoy.


Atlantic Rebel x Nettina (ex Marble)

Lanburn Leemoy was the very first foal we had ever had and was named after the LEE family at MOYcullen. Leemoy was a very rich Bay who went on to win over twenty championships including:- Champion Mountain and Moorland Stallion at the NPS in 1981, Best opposite sex at the English Connemara Pony Show in 1978, 1979 and 1981. Having won over 22 championships, Timmy, was retired from showing to concentrate on his stud duties.  Leemoy passed away in March 2006 aged 31 years.

Dad loved showing Timmy, he loved the adrenalin buzz; he always wanted to be involved with the ponies right up until he passed away, they were his passion, and although this is Padraig Hynes’ Village Heather in the photo below, I wanted to put it on the website as it’s a lovely photo.  I think it was this year that Heather won the Supreme at Clifden Show.

NETTINA 1970-2001

Marble x Fort Nancy

Tina was bought for me to ride in 1971, so she was broken in and then put in foal to mature.  She won a great many prizes, including Kent County, the Glyn Greenwood Supreme Championship, Ponies UK and Surrey County.  She wasn’t an easy ride, she was very strong and jumped like a stag.  She was our foundation mare and look at her lovely fore limbs in the photo above, rare that you see limbs like that these days, although I would not buy a pony that didn’t have. She had a beautiful head typical of the Connemara looking out to sea. Tina died of natural causes out in her field.

LANBURN LEONIE 1984 - 2011

Cocum Hawkstone x Nettina

A special mention here to Lanburn Leonie who is by the late Cecile Williams’ Cocum Hawkstone.  She spent the majority of her life with Ann Halfpenny at Tyan Stud.  She produced so many prize winning offspring notably Tyan Tullamore having won the BCPS WHP Championships, Royal International Horse Show WHP Championship and Horse of the Year Show WHP to name just a couple of his hundreds of titles.  This mare has a BCPS Premium a credit to her amazing progeny.

We sold her as a driving pony as a 4yr old before going onto Ann and Tony’s Stud in Salisbury, Wiltshire.


Glencarrig Belle joined us


Glencarrig Belle died aged 3


Boyne Valley Pride Died


Boyne Valley Pride joined us


Milford Gipsy Moth died